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From science to best patient care

Acta Klinika is a Swiss life science company specialized in the development of natural medicinal supplements that promote an enhanced immune system. The company has partnerships with carefully selected developers and manufacturers to deliver safe and effective quality products.

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A commitment to the community & for a better tomorrow.

When XNS supplement is taken as directed it helps the immune system with myriad benefits of this unique product that’s taking the scientific world by storm!

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  • Through collaboration , we hope to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing global health. We are passionate about helping clients in pursuit of this goal, and continuously push ourselves to do more to advance public health efforts and improve health for all. We are committed to doing our part by harnessing our resources and expertise to identify, understand, and address unmet public health needs

  • And we don’t do it alone. Working in partnership with life science companies, medical researchers, we intend to  deliver insights and solutions that make a meaningful difference in global public health

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To apply for a job with Acta Klinika, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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